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Candace Aylor Cares! Now she needs your help to work with the voters in Texas House District 47. Candace cares about ensuring Texans are healthy, Candace cares about protection and justice for all Texans. Candace cares about our children’s’ future. Republican representatives in the Texas Legislature have demonstrated these are not their priorities. Together we can ensure someone who truly cares about the priorities of the people in Texas House District 47 is elected to represent them. Please consider contributing today, and let’s unite to bring Candace Aylor, your candidate for the people, to represent you in the Texas House of Representatives.

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The Candace Aylor Campaign
PO Box 1371 Austin TX, 78767

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Volunteer on our campaign team! We’re looking for a variety of different volunteers to fill positions throughout the District.

Get in touch on our contact page and let us know a little more about yourself and how you’d like to contribute.